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Naio Threats & Building Knowledge


Other work to ensure naio's future include looking at population dynamics, genetic diversity, pest resistance, environmental stressors tolerance, and general forestry management.

Knowing how to plant, grow, care for, steward, and be in good relations with naio will help ensure its abundance for many generations to come. 

Naio are prone to the common pests and diseases threatening most plants. Examples include ants, scale and mealy bugs, spider mites, aphids, and black sooty mold.

Additionally, since the mid 2000s naio thrips (Klambothrips myopori) have been damaging naio trees, both young and old.


Knowing more about these thrips and how to protect naio trees is important for the future.


In the photograph above, there is a mixture of healthy seedlings and seedlings affected by thrips as indicated by shriveled leaves.

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